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Unbelief Halts the Operation of God

Whew! I had a very interesting day yesterday. A friend asked me to come to her mother’s house and allow God to use me as a vessel for her deliverance and healing. She was so excited that she shared the work we were doing to do with three of her friends who minister to others regularly.

It should have been an instant healing. When The Holy Spirit shows up and moves in the fullness of His power, healing is instantaneous. Limbs grow back immediately. Eyeballs appear where there was not any. Cancer dies immediately. All sickness, pain and disease leave.

Yet, when we left the healing was occuring, but still in process. God showed me a vision of angels surrounding her bedside that night to complete the work we had called forth.

In my quiet time this morning, I was baffled as to why Jesus and His angels did not complete the work while we were there. He shared with me that the lack of knowledge created an unbelief in those who were present. My friend’s mother was in total faith and belief. It was the team whose knowledge and belief were lacking. He used it to teach me a great lesson in terms of getting people properly trained.

When we were “done” one of the ladies who joined us said, “Now she needs physical therapy. God takes care of the spiritual but you still need physical therapy for the body.” No. Not so.

When all unbelief is absent, The Holy Spirit does a complete healing and leaves returns all body functions back to His functioning. It is because of our unbelief that deliverance or healings take longer or are over time.

When we operate in the presence of Jesus, the same healing power that He used to heal every person is called upon and He can do the same thing through us.

Take inventory of your unbelief. When you get a headache, do you go for the aspirin or to Jesus first. When something goes amiss in your body, do you go to Jesus for healing first or call the doctor or naturopath? When a relationship acts up, do you go to Jesus to heal and guide you or do you go to the person and respond before you have heard from God?

Do you put more faith in the physical therapy than Jesus’s power to completely heal?

It is not Satan that is killing us (he does not have this power), it is our unbelief and lack of understanding that is taking believers out.

Check out where your belief ends and your unbelief begins. Can you believe God for a financial blessing but not a physical healing? Do you believe Him for $50 but not 50 million? Do you believe God to heal your headache, but not cancer?

It’s time to take an unbelief inventory and see how you fair.

Be blessed and be in belief so God can show up and do the miraculous in your life.

Love, Ericka


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Response to ‘One of the Greatest Misunderstandings in the Church’

Last week when I wrote that The Holy Spirit and an unclean spirit can co-exist in the body/temple, I received a fabulous comment that I wanted to take some time to respond to. It has taken a few days to get back after a weekend conference, but I did not want to let another day pass because this is important.

It is so important because I think many believers would ask the same thing.

The reader asked me: Where do you find this teaching in the Bible?

 The scriptures that were referenced were:

And they that are Christ have crucified the flesh with the affections and the lust. Galatians 5:24; Let everyone that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity 2 Timothy 2:19, and; He cannot sin, because he is born of God. 1 John 3:9

Gal 5:24 – Yes, they that are in Christ do depart from inequity. Being saved does not mean that we have departed from inequity, it means that we have full access to depart from it by The Holy Spirit. This scripture is referred to saved people who will not inherit the kingdom of God. That’s another teaching, but just know that you can be saved, go to Heaven and never enter the Kingdom of God or Heaven or fully access the power of the Kingdom to come in your life on earth (Matt 13 – 14; Matt 7: 21 – 24). If you do not complete the work God gave you to complete during your lifetime, you can end up in Heaven at the burning lake (Rev 19:20).

2 Tim 2:19 and I John 3:9- This one is deep. Take a deep breath before you read what I am about to say. ONLY those who have departed from sin are born of God, or born again. That means that until we command out the unclean, which leads to sin, we are not born of God. Yes, we can have our first encounter with The Holy Spirit and He enters our bodies, but He does not automatically “kick” sin out of our lives, we must Ask, seek and knock until Jesus teaches us how to walk in our authority in His name and command the deliverance.

These are great references and they are referring to the life of a believer once they are delivered from the issues of the flesh. There is a process of full deliverance that all believers must go through in order to truly be without having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish (Eph 5:27). Remember that you are the church, the Word never referred to the brick and mortar buildings that we call “the church” today.

When we get saved, our spirit is transformed, not our soul. We are still commanded to work out our soul’s salvation. In other words, now we must clean out our lives to be a full reflection of Jesus Christ. He taught his disciples about this in The Lord’s Prayer when He said, “Deliver us from evil (Matt 6:13). Evil is what comes out of a man (Matt 12:35, Mark 7:23,Rom 2:9, ) , it is not something outside of us. That scripture is saying that we must “draw for oneself (Strong’s ref. 4506 )” evil.

Once God opened me up to be used as a vessel for deliverance, it didn’t take me long to see this point illustrated.

People were saved, “filled” with The Holy Spirit and still had many of the 14 stronghold spirits and their bad fruit manifesting in their lives. Apostles, Pastors, Prophets, Congregants, Evangelists, etc are all a reflection of both Jesus’s anointing and can still have Satan’s strongholds and their fruit manifest if they have not been fully delivered. In other words, you can have an experience of The Holy Spirit entering your temple/body and still sin, which is unclean.

When I took this comment to The Holy Spirit in prayer. He told me that we have not realized that all of the deliverance and casting out of devils in the Word was from saved people. We somehow assume that only unbelievers can still have unclean or devils within them. This is not so.

After The Holy Spirit came at Pentecost, all of the disciples and those in the upper room were “filled” with the Holy Spirit, yet still lied, scattered and denied that they were with Jesus. Judas himself betrayed Jesus in his uncleanliness and was one of His disciples. While I can find no clear record of specific deliverances of the disciples, I suspect that they must have all been delivered in John 20:22 when Jesus breathed on them to receive The Holy Ghost.

In Ezekiel 44:23, The Lord reminds us that He has to teach his people the difference between clean and unclean. In Ezekiel 36: 24 & 29, He is speaking to HIS people telling them that He has to save them from their uncleanness. These are people who know Him, yet still have unclean within them.

I think this is a great discussion and one keeping us from moving forward in deliverance so we can truly be filled and without sin, with our flesh crucified and truly a reflection of Jesus Christ.

Let me know what you think…In His Service, Ericka

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98 Percent of The Body of Christ is Oppressed

j0315546“Ninety-eight percent of the Body of Christ is oppressed with unclean spirits – from the pulpit down – and they are unaware of it.” These are the words that the Holy Spirit spoke to me in June 2008 and those words catapulted my life to a whole new realm.

It is possible for you to live free from problems, hindrances, and habits that stop you from becoming who God created you to be. It is not only possible, but it is how God created you. Thus it is imperative to walking in the fullness of His vision for your life. When God created you, He had something very specific in mind for you to do and complete in your lifetime. It is possible to become that person without anything holding you back from every good thing that God has provided for you to experience.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. That is how God created you and it is time for you to move in the fullness of who in are in Christ. Yes, you can live problem-free. Yes, you can stop Satan from touching your life. Yes, you can remove every bad habit from your life. Yes, you can live without obstacles slowing you down or stopping you from moving forward. Yes, you can live without lack.

God left a clear blueprint on how to move fully in your gifts and vision. That is what my new book, Beyond Fearless, lays out for you.  We have somehow come to believe that our walk with God is going to be riddled with obstacles and hindrances. Those days are over. It is time to walk into the life God designed for you.

What Is a Hindrance?

A hindrance is defined as a thing that provides resistance, delay or obstruction to something or someone. It is an obstacle or barrier that you allow in your life. Hindrances are a result of being disconnected from God’s authority and can be removed when you are reunited with the authority God has granted you, in the name of Jesus.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. – Hebrews 12:1

It is important to understand that all hindrances are allowed by God. There are many places in the Word that state that God even put certain hindrances in the way of believers to require them to overcome and persist in their walk. God created the entire universe, which includes Satan and his unclean spirits. Satan is the adversary and overcoming the adversary is part of God’s process to moving you into your full power, authority, and dominion.

God has revealed a process to me that removes hindrances from your life once and for all. He left a process so you can live without any barriers, obstacles, obstructions and hesitations. I thank God for allowing me to be the vessel to bring you this important and life-reclaiming work! To God Be the Glory!

Understanding this work requires you to open your mind to the absolute Truth of the Word of God. While this sounds easy, many of us have not been operating in the Truth of the Holy Spirit even though we have attended church for years. The Truth requires you to be willing to admit that you don’t know everything there is to know about God. It requires taking off the limitations of who you perceive Jesus to be and to move into a new realm of understanding.

This work was part of the core functions of the ministry of Jesus, yet somehow it has been left out of the day-to-day lives of believers. There is Truth the church has managed to leave out of its teachings and all too often, true deliverance is one of them.

True deliverance has been so edged out of the church that it has become marginalized and considered strange. We talk about Satan and the devil, yet do not understand the workings of the heavenlies or spiritual realm and how they affect our daily lives. We don’t understand how clean or unclean spirits work, and therefore, we are living lives detached from the divine nature of Jesus and what it affords us in our daily walk with Him.

I will be teaching how to truly get free and experience the fullness of God in a series of blogs over the next week. Stay tuned…there is more to come…

–  Ericka

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